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Illinois Lotto

Lottery Name Minimum Jackpot Numbers
Illinois Lotto $2 million 6 in 52
Ticket Price Draw Type
$1.25 per block Tri-weekly (Mon 21h22, Wed 21h22 & Sat 21h22) Roll Over
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Illinois Lotto Overview

Illinois Lotto The Illinois Lotto is the state lottery of the US state of Illinois. Three times a week you get the opportunity to become an instant millionaire, as the minimum jackpot is $2 million and there are no less than 3 draws each and every week! No wonder this lottery has created so many millionaires, and for the low entry price of under $2, you too could join their ranks.

To play this lottery you simply pick 6 numbers, and try to match at least 3 of these numbers at the draw. There are 4 prize divisions, and as there are no bonus balls drawn it`s just a case of matching 3, 4, 5 or 6 numbers - if you match all 6 you win the jackpot. This jackpot is carried over from each draw, and with a draw happening pretty much every second day, the jackpot tends to accumulate pretty quickly.

You can choose how to have jackpot wins paid out in the Illinois Lotto. You can receive an annual amount in 26 instalments, or you can take an instant lump sum cash payout of round about 51% of the jackpot prize value.

Payout Information

Jackpot wins are paid out in 26 annual instalments, or as a lump cash sum amounting to 51% of the jackpot value at the time of the draw.

Tax Information

The lottery administrators will automatically deduct 25% federal tax, plus 3% Illinois state tax, for a total of 28% taxation on winnings.
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Illinois Lotto

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