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$315 Million Powerball Lottery Winner Regrets Winning - 05-21-09

May 21 - Like a plot straight out of a Ben Stiller comedy, a man who woke up on Christmas morning in 2002 to discover that he had won a whopping $315 million Powerball Lottery jackpot, recently admitted that what should have been the best gift of his life has turned out to be an unimaginable nightmare.

Said lucky Powerball jackpot winner Jack Whittaker when describing the day his lottery woes began, 'When I realized that I had won the jackpot, I felt absolutely sick to my stomach, and I was just at a loss for words and advice. You know, I was really searching for advice, and it was, like, Christmas Day.'

Unbeknownst then to Whittaker, is that his good fortune would result in heartbreak, destroyed relationships and friendships, and even death. At the time, he was just grateful that he had his family with him to share in his newly acquired fortune. The instant lottery millionaire claims he started out with good intentions.

Within a couple of months of being paid out, the self-made construction company owner donated $15 million towards the construction of two churches, but it was soon after that things started to go wrong. As his good fortune was so highly-publicized, he began to receive thousands of requests for cash donations.

And being a generous man, Whittaker complied, giving away over $50 million worth of cash, cars and even houses. He had turned into an all-year-round Santa Claus. Said Whittaker, 'It got so bad that I couldn't attend a ball game without 150 people approaching me to ask for some kind of cash handout.'

But the real tragedy for Whitaker was when his construction company became the target of former clients who filed lawsuits claiming against his company. He took this so badly that he began to drink heavily, resulting in him getting into numerous drunken brawls, which quickly alienated him from his community.

One of the few people that still believed in him was his granddaughter Brandi Bragg. But the cars, gifts and cash he lavished on her soon attracted the 'wrong crowd' resulting in her turning into a drug addict. Sadly two years after Whittaker won the Powerball lottery, Brandi was found dead, dumped in a vacant lot.

Said Whittaker, 'There is no doubt in my mind that my granddaughter is dead because of the lottery money. From the day she was born, it was all about providing protecting, and taking care of her. My wife has told me that she wished that I'd had torn the ticket up and I also wish that I had torn up the ticket.'

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